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2022 Annual Report

Dear Friends of capracare,

COVID-19 has transformed our world, and we are still trying to navigate these complex and uncertain times. I founded capracare over a decade ago with the mission to bring access to medical care, mental health services, and professional development programs to the people of Les Cayes, Haiti, and surrounding regions. We are committed to advancing our mission and advancing our role as a reliable and trusted source of relief for the Southern District of Haiti. In 2021, our beloved Haiti remained resilient, enduring COVID-19 and several other crises, including a deadly 7.2 magnitude earthquake, Tropical Storm Grace, the detainment of thousands of Haitian migrants at the United States border, and the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. These unprecedented events inspired an unprecedented response from supporters all over the globe.


The New York City’s Mayor’s Office brought attention to our work calling for sustained support and encouraging donations to capracare; capracare was featured in several media outlets as a trusted Haitian-led organization, and volunteer support doubled. We received more financial contributions, volunteer time, and partnerships this past year than ever in the history of the organization. This incredible support enabled our Haitian-led organization to quickly deploy resources and expertise, reaching more people on the ground than ever before. We are deeply grateful to every partner we have made on this journey. Whether you have supported our vision for years or the devastating events of the last year brought us together for the first time, every donation and every volunteer hour is a valuable contribution to our work.


This year, our annual report highlights how our programs, commitment, and compassion are helping to rebuild Haitian infrastructure. capracare’s health, mental health, and basic needs support investing in Haitian-led community development. This report will bring you closer to our programs, partners, courageous community, and collective efforts to heal. It’s my hope that this report amplifies the voices of those striving to build back stronger. This has been a groundbreaking year for us, and we are positioning the organization for immense growth, advancing our reach and impact on Haitians for 2022.

In Solidarity, 

Jean Pierre-Louis, MPH

Founder, President, & CEO




Founded in 2009, capracare is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focusing on improving healthcare access and promoting sustainable development in Haiti. capracare has emerged as one of Haiti’s most trusted global health, Haitian-led, and Haitian-founded nonprofit organizations. As a trusted community health resource in the Southern region of Haiti, capracare has provided over 700,000 service encounters.

Mission Statement


To provide access to medical care, mental health services, and preventative education, regardless of the ability to pay. Our comprehensive approach helps the community combat the wide range of physical, psychosocial, and environmental needs that arise from difficult daily living conditions in Haiti.​



We Serviced 6,578+


Home Visits to Immobilized & Bed Bound Patients

Laboratory Services

Total Patients

Cervical Cancer Program


Outreach Participants

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical Cancer Education

Mobile Clinics

Cervical Cancer




Romanite Noel, woke up one day and saw a pimple on her ankle. She thought it wasn't anything major and popped it. It became severely infected; after going to follow-up at 2 different hospitals, she had to have surgery. However, in order for this to heal, she must get it clean and dress every 2 days. She is unable to cover the cost of going to a hospital for the service. However, because of capracare, she has been able to get care for months. She is now receiving ongoing treatment at capracare.​

Cesar Carole Suffers from high blood pressure; difficulty getting to the hospital; every week capracare conducts an outreach home visit to screen her blood pressure; capracare provided medication to help reduce her extremely high blood pressure level; now she is able to come to the capracare to get her weekly blood pressure; she doesn’t think about the fear of having a stroke like her neighbor did because she is not able to monitor or get support for the blood pressure. 

We Serviced 19,152+


Community Health

Education & Outreach

Community Health

Workers Trained

CPR & First

AID Training


Mental Health

We Serviced 11,123+


Bonel Cherisme, feeling depressed, constantly feeling overwhelmed; the past, the political instability and security concerns make her more and more anxious every day. As a result, he started attending counseling for mental support at capracare 2x per week for about an hour. During the session, he discusses moments in life that made him happy, like his past love relationships or focus on things that he does to bring him joy. He has reported a high level of happiness and less depressed moments. He is not an advocate for the service in the community and is encouraging friends and family to use it.


Auricular Acupuncture


First AID Sessions

Bereavement, Trauma, & Crisis Counseling Sessions




In 2016 Hurricane Matthew completely wiped out Yves Dupplessy’s family house. As a result, the family of nine slept at the capracare office for the next 3 months. In 2017, capracare started helping the family build a home from scratch just by providing support for the construction. In 2021, capracare provided more financial support to continue the construction and in 2022, the entire house was finished.

We Serviced 13,481+


Individuals Sheltered

Damaged Home Repairs

Food & Emergency Hygiene Kits


Students After School Lessons



We Serviced 22,962+


Youth Activities

Students Provided English & Computer Classes


OUR Partner organizations & ChangeMakers

Clara Lionel Foundation
Cornerstone Healing
Days for Girls New York City Chapter
Hope for Haiti
Jet Blue CSR
Partners in Health
Prospect Goshen Rotary Club
Sherman & Sterling LLP.
Treehouse Education Alliance
We Are for Good

Becky Endicott
Betty W. Levin
Carolle Fleurine
Cassandra Esperant
Cordell Brown
Dolly Lucien
Eric Appleton
Geraldine Joseph
Giovanni Selvaggi
Helen Nau
Jean Grassman
Jean Lamadieu
Jean Pierre-Louis
Melissa Paraison
Paul Brill
Peggy R. Robinson
Tyrell Clay


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