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Disaster Preparedness & Relief

Want to support our Disaster Preparedness and Relief initiatives? 

A $200 monthly donation sustains 1 Community Health Worker to extend life-saving care.

Basic Needs

During an emergency disaster, the most basic needs in Haiti become even more scarce and dire. We immediately focus on providing dry goods, water, and hygiene supplies.



During emergency disaster response, capracare supports families to safely shelter in place, stay with friends or family, or stay in local schools with temporary or transitional housing and with post disaster repairs or reconstruction.


Mobile Health Service

Our medical team sets up several stations for patients to flow from triage, health exams, pharmacy, and treatment, serving up to 200 individuals during a clinic.


Psychological First-Aid

capracare's Psychological First Aid (PFA) program provides ongoing psychological and emotional support to individuals affected by the earthquake who need emotional support. Our program focuses on education and support designed to empower our staff with the skills to help someone experiencing a mental health crisis.

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