CapraCare, Inc. was founded in April of 2009 to address many of the health dilemmas faced by students in the rural community of Fonfrede, near Les Cayes, Haiti’s third largest city.

We began by providing preventive health care for children through the use of vaccines as well as providing low-threshold mental health education and counseling.  When medical personnel were available, we would also provide basic medical care to the people living in Fonfrede and the nearby communities.

Our Mission

To provide access to medical care, preventive healthcare, mental health services, and health and nutrition education services, regardless of the ability to pay.

Our comprehensive approach helps women, children, families and the community combat the wide range of physical, psychosocial and environmental needs that arise from difficult daily living conditions in Haiti.

Our Vision

We develop and promote dynamic and sustainable preventive health care and prevention education programs for long-term impact, connecting women, children, their families, and the community for positive health change.

Our programs provide preventive health care for women and children and community-based prevention health education for families.  We also provide the resources necessary to develop community organizing skills, expanded knowledge of public health, and broadened life experience for the purpose of serving the needs of the community.

We also provide a host of professional services ranging from access to basic medical care, preventive healthcare for women and children, prevention health education, social services, professional development training, low-threshold mental health education and counseling.

Learn more about us in the video interview by Huffington Post of our Founder and CEO, Jean Pierre-Louis.

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