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Support Haiti's Emergency Relief Now!

Act now to provide critical aid to Haitian communities in crisis! Your donation ensures essential supplies reach those most vulnerable, including elderly, infants, and pregnant women. Support local relief efforts and make an immediate impact. Donate now!

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Listen To The Latest Act of Courage

The Story of a desire to help comes to life. “Reining in Cervical Cancer - The Beginning” is just that, the beginning of our story! Listen to the story of how two organizations and courageous individuals along the way come together to bring cervical cancer screenings to Haiti.


Help Promote
Health Change

Through An Act of Courage

 Support capracare's 3 overarching goals to screen 25,000 women for cervical cancer, train 500 individuals to become emergency first responders, and provide 10,000 people with support to combat PTSD.

By making a donation or getting involved with our initiatives, you can help make a positive impact on the lives of 50,000 people in Haiti this year.

Train 500 community health workers for emergency response and disaster relief
Screen 25,000 Haitian women for Cervical Cancer
Provide mental health counseling to 10,000 children & adults suffering from PTSD
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