Where We Work

We work in the rural city of Fronfrede which is near Les Cayes, Sud, Haiti.

CapraCare is located in the countryside of the city of Les Cayes, in Fonfrede, which is an area with an estimated 20,000 residents, not adding the other surrounding impoverished communities.Formerly, Fonfrede had no access to any significant public or private medical facilities or preventive health services. The nearest hospital, Hospital of Immaculate Conception of Les Cayes, is a 45-minute journey by car. Fonfrede, like many rural areas in Haiti, has had persistent, across-the-board health issues. CapraCare now stands ready as the only Haitian non-governmental organization located within Fonfrede to address these issues.

Les Cayes is a city situated in southwestern part of Haiti with approximately a distance of 194 kilometers from Port-au-Prince.  The city was created in 1503 by Nicolas Ovando.  Les Cayes is estimated to have a population at close to132,000 people making it the third largest city of the country.  It is one of Haiti’s major ports. Its export trade concentrates largely on coffee and sugarcane, and is the world’s largest supplier of the vetiver plant, a major ingredient for manufacturing of airplane fuel, perfume and fragrance, at 250 tons annually.  Les Cayes is also known for its seafood, lime, pepper, mangoes, bananas, coconut, bananas and timber exports.

However, similarly to the other nine cities in Haiti, the majority of its inhabitants have serious problems as a result of living in poverty, severely affected by hunger, and limited or no access to medical care. Until now.  The future is bright.

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