CapraCare Programs

CapraCare creates healthier schools and community environment. Our programs help students, parents, and the communities learn the responsibility for their own health care.

Our goal is to continue to grow the organization to create a multi-disciplinary team to provide comprehensive community and school health services.

CapraCare’s Global Health Model for Haiti

A comprehensive package and model that promotes community empowerment, positive health change, and sustainability for community health in Haiti.

We have focused on building a network of national and international partners to amplify the impact of our programs. CapraCare has hired Dr. Steve Papillon to serve as the Medical Director of its Community Health Center in Fonfrede.

Dr. Papillon will oversee the implementation and administration of the See & Treat and vaccination programs as well as manage the day-to-day activities of the Health Center. In addition, CapraCare will continue to bring public health, mental health, medical health, and other professionals from abroad to assist in rendering services and provide technical support to our staff in Haiti on program assessments, operations, trainings, and professional development trainings.

The dedicated work of our staff and volunteers, both in the United States and in Haiti, ensure that resources flow directly to programs and not to administrative overhead costs. Our programs are making an impact by saving lives, strengthening families and transforming communities, while re-building and maintaining a lasting local capacity in Haiti.

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