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Want to support our prevention and community health initiatives? 

A $200 monthly donation sustains 1 Community Health Worker to extend life-saving care.

Community Health Workers Training

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are valuable members within the communities they serve and increase access to health care by garnering the trust of their fellow neighbors, providing services including facilitating access to care and improving the quality and cultural competence of service delivery.


School-Based Health Education

Our School-based Health Education Program annually reaches over 2,000 students within our partnered schools. Our comprehensive approach helps students, Parents, and the greater community to combat the wide range of physical, psychosocial, and environmental needs that arise from difficult daily living conditions.


Water Access, Sanitation, & Hygiene (WASH)

The WASH program works on long-term prevention and control measures for improving health, reducing poverty, and improving socio-economic development. capracare focuses on three disciplines: Water Access, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

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