The Comprehensive Entrepreneurship Learning Training Center (CELTC)

The lack of access to credit, willing investors, the political climate, a broken (slowly improving) educational system deny the entrepreneurship zeal.

Our Comprehensive Entrepreneurship Learning Training Center (CELTC) is a partnership with Pinnacle Healthcare Consortium providing access to educational training including English language, computer, and entrepreneurial business skills training to underserved youth in Fonfrède, Haiti.

This program helps the youth through a combination of lectures, discussions, hands-on design work, training, various tools, and approaches to inspire them to be distinguished thinkers that can problem solve and transform themselves and the Haitian society.
The Services We Offer
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Computer Training

As the world continues to become more connected and online, we provide our community with basic computer skills to keep up with the digital revolution.

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English Classes

Teaching English as a second-language empowers the community to seek out job opportunities to work with international organizations.

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Professional Development

Mentorship provides the community knowledge and skills on professionalism in the workplace through Résumé writing, Time Management, and Conflict Resolution.

Come To Haiti

Experience The Beauty of Haiti For Yourself

Working with the incredible people of Fonfrède with their unending courage and hope make a trip to Haiti an experience of a lifetime not to be missed.

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