The See & Treat Method

About The Program

Cervical cancer represents a significant threat to public health worldwide. In Haiti, where a lack of health infrastructure combines with widespread deprivation, the disease is a leading cause of mortality. Cervical cancer, however, is preventable, and capracare is establishing efforts to end it in Haiti.

One gallon = 250 potential saved lives

The Benefits of The Program Are:

  1. It’s cost effective, quick, efficient, and accurate
  2. Screenings are performed by our well-trained Haitian nurses and doctors
  3. It takes only one trip to the clinic to be tested and treated

How We Do It

Since May 2017, we’ve planned and delivered a cervical cancer screening program for the local population of an estimated 20,000 residents of Fonfrède. capracare uses a clinic based see and treat screening method in conjunction with a community education program.

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The program was implemented with the support of a specialist team of Rotarians from the Prospect Goshen Rotary Club based in the United States and funded initially through Rotary International grants.

Preparatory work for delivering cervical cancer screening commenced from the inception of the project in 2015 up to the initiation of screening in 2017. 


In February 2021, through our continued partnership with the Prospect Goshen Rotary Club, funding to increase screening and treatment for women at risk for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer has been approved by Rotary International.

The primary purpose of this project is to increase screening and treatment to women who are at risk for contracting HPV and who have precancerous lesions to reduce the risk of them progressing to cervical cancer. Women in the south of Haiti will be the beneficiaries through treatment services and education in the expansion of clinic services and educational outreach efforts.

This application builds on an ongoing project at capracare to increase opportunities for women to get screened and treated for cervical cancer.


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