Jean Pierre-Louis, MPH

Jean Pierre-Louis, MPH, is an accomplished global health and strategic leader with a passion to improve the quality of healthcare for communities at risk in countries such as Haiti, Ghana, and many other developing countries.

Jean, who is Haitian born, founded capracare in 2009 as a response to the gross inadequacies of medical and preventive health services that were lacking in the greater Les Cayes, Haiti.

Under Jean' s leadership, capracare continues to thrive as the leading organization dedicated to developing sustainable community health programs, professional development and training, and social services to a population of 20,000 men, women, and children living with Fonfrède. capracare's mission is to promote health change by reducing health disparities through individual acts of courage.

He has established strong strategic partnerships and relationships to help support the work of capracare in Haiti. His positive growth mindset is to drive and replicate the capracare program model throughout Haiti.

He is an award-winning non-profit leader who is an inductee of the Haitian Roundtable 1804 List. He enjoys mentoring students and peer leaders as well as supporting liked minded individuals in the global health community.

Jean Pierre-Louis In His Own Words

“At capracare, we train the community to take care of the community; the same way you're raised, trained, and learned to take care of yourself.”
The founder of capracare wearing his capracare blue shirt while laughing.

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