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Interested in learning more about the CapraCare Ambassador Program? Great!

We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions, to get you started.

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What is a CapraCare Ambassador?

CapraCare Ambassadors are volunteers committed to promoting the CapraCare vision and representing the organization. 

Each ambassador’s efforts are crucial to the success of CapraCare’s work and programs.  Ambassadors take on an important role in representing CapraCare and advocating on behalf of our programs and services at conferences, schools, other events, online and through their professional and social networks.

Who can serve as an Ambassador?

Anyone who believes in the CapraCare mission can be an Ambassador.  

Do you believe that the underserved communities in Haiti should have access to medical care, mental health services, and health and nutrition education services, regardless of the ability to pay?  Would you like to support our comprehensive approach to help students, parents, and the community to combat the wide range of physical, psychosocial and environmental needs that arise from difficult daily living conditions in Haiti?

If you answer, “yes,” then you can apply to be an Ambassador.  Ambassadors are expected to have a fluid understanding of the organization’s mission, vision and strategy. They should be able to persuasively articulate these elements in order to encourage more people to join and support CapraCare.

Why serve as an Ambassador?

Serving as an Ambassador allows you to get involved in important and meaningful work.  It will be a rewarding experience for anyone inspired by the CapraCare vision.  

At CapraCare we promote dynamic and sustainable health and education programs.  We base our programs in schools to ensure long-term impact; connecting students, families, and the community at large for positive health change for the whole community. Our programs provide the necessary resources to develop community organizing skills, expanded knowledge of public health, and broadened life experience for the purpose of serving the needs of the community.  By being an Ambassador you will help to ensure CapraCare’s success, and learn skills to pursue your own.

What are some of the benefits?

In addition to learning a broad range of skills, the Ambassador program provides opportunities to travel and to gain recognition for your work.  

Whether you are ready to join us on one of our trips to Haiti, or just excited  CapraCare’s mission, being a CapraCare ambassador is not only experientially rewarding, it is also a great way to promote yourself and develop your skills.  Not to mention, it’s fun!  

Perks Anyone?

Ambassadors gain recognition throughout the year in a variety of ways including:

    • Ambassador VIP membership
    • Invitation to annual Ambassador’s Social
    • Tickets and discount offers to future events
    • Introduction and recognition at CapraCare events
    • Access to private Facebook page for organization details and updates
    • Name recognition on CapraCare’s Ambassador’s web page
    • Honorable mention in the organization’s newsletter
    • Updates via CapraCare newsletter and conference calls with JPL
    • Updates on the specific program of your choice

What kind of commitment does the CapraCare Ambassador’s program require?

Ambassadors are asked to make a one-year commitment to the organization. During this year, you will and be expected to promote CapraCare in your networks. How much work you put into the program will depend on how proactive you are in seeking opportunities to promote CapraCare, but the more proactive you are, the more publicity we will receive — which we appreciate, and as an ambassador, our success is also yours, as you are part of the team.

What are some other expectations?

As part of the year-long commitment to be an ambassador, we expect ambassadors to do one of the following, or a combination thereof:

    • Talk about CapraCare in your personal and professional events and/or host educational/networking events

    • Post something online on social networks or write letters to editors of papers/magazines twice monthly

Why is there an annual membership?

Your membership dues help provide the financial resources to support our programs and services.  Your commitment for one-year enables us to budget our resources and plan for the sustainability of our programs.

Can I be an Ambassador for a specific CapraCare program?


You can be an Ambassador for one of our major programs of your choice.  

You can select from one of our programs, or elect to represent the organization as a whole.

Community Health Workers Training Program

Youth Development and Enrichment Program

Prevention Education/School Health Education Program (SHEP)

Mental Health Program

Medical Health Program

What support will I get from CapraCare to be a successful Ambassador?

We will provide you with a CapraCare Ambassador’s kit.  It will include:

    • CapraCare fact sheet information detailing our vision, mission and strategy
    • Detailed information on our programs and services
    • An easy to remember CapraCare “elevator speech” to help you describe CapraCare, and our programs and services
    • CapraCare Ambassador business cards to share with your personal and professional networks and contacts
    • CapraCare T-shirt
    • CapraCare button

Can I use my company's Matching Gift Program for my membership?


Many companies will provide a matching gift to equal your charitable giving amount to the nonprofit of your choice.  You may use this program to supplement your Ambassador membership and increase your level of membership.

Is my membership fee tax-deductible?

CapraCare, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to develop sustainable community health programs assisting school-aged children 5-19 years old and their families living in Fonfrede, Haiti, having a population of 20,000 and devastated by the 2010 earthquake. CapraCare provides a host of professional services ranging from access to healthcare and social services, to low-threshold mental health education and counseling.

Your membership into the Ambassador Program is a tax-deductible donation that will go directly to providing services to the community in Haiti.  You will receive a letter from CapraCare, detailing your donation amount, which may be used for tax purposes.

How much does it cost to become a CapraCare Ambassador?

There are different levels, as follows:

Junior Ambassador

$25 – $49/month

or $300 – $599/year

Associate Ambassador

$50 – $74/month

or $600 – $899/year

Senior Ambassador

$75 – $99/month

or $900 – $1199/year

U.S. Ambassador

$100 – $249/month

or $1200 – $2999/year

Global Ambassador


or $3000/year+