$50 a month will get 5,000 water purification tablets and 400 oral re-hydration salts to treat drinking water and reduce the number of days students are absent from school due to suffering with diarrhea issues.


We are a non-profit organization that develops Community School Health Programs to address many of the health dilemmas faced by students and their families in the rural city of Fonfrede, Haiti.


Our vision is to develop school-based programs, replicated throughout Haiti, connecting the students, families, and community for positive health change. Our comprehensive approach helps students, parents, and the greater community to combat the wide range of physical, psychosocial, and environmental needs that arise from difficult daily living conditions. We have focused on building a network of national and international partners to amplify the impact of these pilot schemes. Our programs build the capacity of the local population to develop community organizing skills, expand knowledge of public health, and broaden life experience. We aim to provide access to primary care medical and mental health services regardless of the ability to pay.


All our programs are designed to empower youth at recipient schools through preventative health education, pediatric care services, and social support services. After a thorough locality based needs assessment, we ensure our efforts are integrated with other community health based programs, bridging the gap between school health and community health. By empowering youth, we will also empower the entire community.


We are working very hard to create and leave in place a lasting local capacity in Haiti to sustain the services of CapraCare. Every donation, no matter how large or small, helps us to train the staff and provide them the infrastructure, systems, and other supports needed to maximize their efficiency. We hope you will consider supporting CapraCare year round with a recurring donation or e-mail us if you would rather donate your time to volunteer:

We believe with everyone’s collective support, we will help bring change to Haiti and accomplish our goals to improve the health of the community we serve for many years to come.


Currently CapraCare is based  in New York City (USA) and Fonfrede, Sud, Haiti near the city of Les Cayes.